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Interview podcast featuring trading and investing insights from some of the best to do it. Featuring interviews about event-driven trading, day trading, merger arbitrage, prediction markets, short selling, and more.

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006 – Fernando Chague: Is Day Trading for a Living Near-Impossible?

Today's guest is Fernando Chague, a financial academic based out of Sao Paulo. Fernando is best known for authoring a study called Day Trading for a Living? in 2019. The study reviewed the day trading activity of thousands of Brazilian futures traders and found that a...

005 – Pratik Chougule – How to Trade Prediction Markets and Fade Political Hype

Today's guest is Pratik Chougule, a political consultant, prediction markets better, and co-host of the excellent prediction markets podcast Star Spangled Gamblers. Pratik has a focus on US politics and uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative insights to find...

004: Chris DeMuth Jr. – Event Driven Trading, How M&A Has Changed, and the Twitter/Musk Deal

Today's episode is an interview with Chris DeMuth Jr, a partner at New Canaan, CT hedge fund Rangeley Capital where he focuses on value-oriented strategies with a penchant for event-driven trading. I've followed Chris' research for years. He's one of the most...

003: Chris DeMuth Jr. – Finding Mispriced Bets Amid the COVID-19 Crisis, How to “Sift the World”

This is an interview with Chris DeMuth Jr. of hedge fund Rangeley Capital from March 2020, the peak of coronavirus market panic. Chris is a partner at New Canaan, CT hedge fund Rangeley Capital, where he primarily invests in event-driven, value-oriented opportunities....

002: Logan Kane – Becoming a Quant, Econometrics, and Inversing Retail Investors

This is an interview from October 2019 with Logan Kane, who is a really interesting investor and SeekingAlpha contributor. He's published some really interesting pieces over the years and I like the way he thinks about markets. I originally came across Logan when he...

001: Peter To – Practical Trader Improvement Exercises, The HFT Boogeyman, and Prop War Stories

This is an interview from October 2019 with former prop trader Peter To. Peter got his start putting the odds in his favor during the online poker boom in the mid-2000s. After building a substantial bankroll from poker, Peter entered the prop trading world and...

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