Episode 003: Chris DeMuth Jr. of Rangeley Capital – Finding Mispriced Bets Amid the COVID-19 Crisis, How to “Sift the World”

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a podcast, but I do intend to start publishing interviews on a more regular schedule. Not quite sure what that will look like yet (thinking of starting with biweekly and seeing where that goes).

Today I have a real treat. I was able to get Chris DeMuth Jr. of Rangeley Capital on the show for a brief half-hour interview about how he’s approaching markets amid this COVID-19 crisis.

Chris is a partner at New Canaan, CT hedge fund Rangeley Capital, where he primarily invests in event-driven, value-oriented opportunities. He also hosts a SeekingAlpha Marketplace community called Sifting the World, where he publishes research on “mispriced bets,” with a skew towards value investing. Some examples include odd-lot going-private transactions, merger arbitrage, funds trading at discounts to NAV, etc.

I asked Chris about how he’s finding opportunities among the massive volatility in the March 2020 financial markets, as well as how to “sift the world,” in a general sense, within and without the markets.

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