005 – Pratik Chougule – How to Trade Prediction Markets and Fade Political Hype

November 8, 2022
Stock Market Stories
Stock Market Stories
005 - Pratik Chougule - How to Trade Prediction Markets and Fade Political Hype

Today’s guest is Pratik Chougule, a political consultant, prediction markets better, and co-host of the excellent prediction markets podcast Star Spangled Gamblers. Pratik has a focus on US politics and uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative insights to find profitable trade opportunities.

Perhaps Pratik’s bread and butter is when partisans come into the market and bid up their favorite candidate to unrealistic levels. For example, in the 2020 Democratic National Convention when Bernie Sanders was a huge favorite in betting markets despite the data saying Joe Biden was far more likely to come out on top.

Throughout the podcast, Pratik walks us through how he views prediction markets, how they’ve evolved over the years, and some regulatory trouble coming in the future.

What stuck out to me in this podcast is how similar some of his strategies are to that to a traditional financial markets trader.

My apologies for the echo in my mic. I just moved into a new office and it’s completely empty besides my computer, making it super boomy and loud.

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